Wedding Packages

Below is a list of some of the great wedding packages we offer. If you don’t see what your looking for on your wedding day or during your event. Please contact me, we can customize any package to fit your needs.

Our “Aisle Do It” Package includes services:

Leading up to your Wedding

  • An initial consultation (final Q&A, sign contract, deposit paid, begin filling out paperwork)
  • Be available through phone or email and respond promptly to all questions and requests as you work through the planning phases
  • Visit the Reception site with you and walk though how you envision it on your wedding day (about 2 months prior to wedding)
  • Work with your vendors to create a detailed day-of itinerary for your Wedding Day
  • Meet (about two weeks out from your wedding) to go over timeline and all the details
  • All confirmation calls made to your vendors 24-48 hours prior to Wedding Day

Day Before your Wedding

  • Attend Rehearsal and introduce myself to your Bridal party, Parents and Honored Guests
  • Dress professionally and conservatively with professional name tag
  • Collaborate with your Officiant to coordinate the Wedding Rehearsal

Leading up to your Ceremony

  • Ensure your vendors are on time, prepared and professional. Assist them with anything they need (locating outlets, dimming lights, staying hydrated and on schedule)
  • Oversee Ceremony decorating and ensure all necessary items are where they should be (Unity candle, aisle runner, yarmulkes, broom, handfasting items,  etc)*
  • Greet Bride, Bridesmaids and Parents upon arrival at Ceremony location and escort them to Bridal Lounge or designated area.
  • Assist Bridal party and parents with flower distribution, corsage pinning, and filling flower girl baskets
  • Greet Groom and Groomsmen upon arrival at Ceremony location and assist with Boutonniere pinning, tie adjusting, offer lint roller, etc
  • Ensure programs are being handed out, readers are in attendance, and ushers are ushering guests to their seats (making sure handicap guests have unobstructed seating)
  • Assist Bridal Party with Ceremony line-up
  • Oversee the processional, sending each person down the aisle with a final look over
  • Make sure Bride’s dress and train are perfect before sending down the aisle

During Cocktail Hour

  • Greet Bride & Groom with a celebratory beverage after ceremony
  • Escort the Bridal party after the ceremony to private suite (if available) at Reception hall and be sure they have food, beverages, etc
  • Guide guests with a friendly smile the direction to Cocktail Hour location
  • Gather Bridal Party and family members for pictures as needed
  • Bustle Brides gown (if needed), secure veil assist with shoe/dress change, etc
  • Oversee Reception decorating and ensure all necessary items are where they should be (cake cutting tools, toss bouquet, place cards,  toasting flutes, etc)*
  • Set up Escort Cards, Bathroom baskets, Centerpieces, memorial Photos, etc.
  • Make sure all the finishing touches are complete and as you wished before allowing your guests into the Reception

During your Reception

  • Greet your guests and make sure they sign in, help locate their escort card/table, and direct them where to put their gift at Reception
  • Coordinate Bridal Party line up and entry into Reception hall
  • Provide a “go between” between you and your Vendors and keep everyone on timeline
  • Give very special  care to Parents and specially designated people and be sure their every need is catered to
  • Assist with cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, etc (if applicable)
  • Distribute your Gratuity envelopes to your vendors, as needed
  • Gather gifts and personal items and ensure they reach the designated family member, room, or vehicle
  • Do a final walk through of reception to be sure all your belongings (cake knife, flutes, bathroom baskets, veil, etc) make it home with you or to designated person.
  • Handle any emergencies or crisis that can arise with knowledge, respect, and dignity
  • Carry a “survival kit” with over 60 items (mints, tape, Band-Aids, bobby pins, Benadryl, etc)
  • Oversee your Wedding Day is perfect and that everything goes smoothly!

How much are you willing to pay for these services and the peace of mind knowing you and your guest are well taken care of?
Your Cost $______ (Please contact me for a quote)

*My job is to ensure all is taken care of and done to your specifications on the big day. My base package does not include setting up ceremony seating, physically moving and setting up tables, or setting reception tables with plates, silverware and napkins. If you are in need of these services, please see my “Set it Up/Break it Down” packages below for pricing.

Add-On Packages

The packages listed below include all services listed in the “Aisle Do It” package. The fee for each add-on is listed below and will be added to the “Aisle Do It” package price.  Packages can be customized to meet your specific needs.


“Set It Up/Break it Down” Packages
For each area that needs to be set up, an additional fee is associated

  • Ceremony chairs- 0-50 $40,  51-75 $50,  76-100 $60,  101-125 $75,  126-150- $90  151-170- $125
  • Ceremony seating (benches, bales of hay, pillows, misc.)- $85
  • Cocktail Hour Set-up- includes tables, linens, decor- $75
  • Reception Place Settings- Setting plates, napkins, silverware and beverage glasses out per person- 0-50 $75,  51-75 $100,  76-100 $125,  101-125 $150,  125-150 $175,  151-175 $200
  • Breaking down Cocktail hour- Take care of food and beverage items, remove all decor items, remove linens, fold up tables- $90
  • Breaking down Reception- Take care of food and beverage items, gather centerpieces, blow out candles, remove linens, fold up chairs (up to 125, with $1 per chair above that), fold up tables- $250

“Coordinator Plus” Package

  • Provide a list of still-needed vendor (Photographer, DJ, Band, Videographer, Florist) suggestions
  • Help Bride & Groom narrow down vendor selection
  • Join Bride & Groom in attending initial meeting with vendor
  • Once vendor is selected, become the point of contact person
  • Provide vendor with needed information (Ex: First dance song, or must take photos) as described by you and make sure your requests are carried out on Wedding Day
  • Assist vendor with set-up (if needed- extension cords, extra table, beverage, etc)
  • Assist vendor with clean up and break down at conclusion of evening

$100 per vendor or $50 per hour as needed

“Girly Girl” Package

  • Attend Bride’s final dress fitting
  • Learn how to, and practice, bustling Bride’s wedding gown
  • Offer advice and give suggestions for Hair & Make-Up (for Trial appointment if need be)
  • Meet Bride and Bridal Party at Salon on Wedding Day
  • Provide a cookie tray and bottle of champagne for Bridal Party while at Salon (if permissible)
  • Oversee Bride’s Hair and Make-Up application on Wedding Day
  • Provide a go-between between Bride, Mother(s), Bridal Party, and Salon Staff
  • Learn from the Salon staff how to remove the veil from Bride’s hair-do (without messing it up)


“Dress Up” Package

  • Meet Bride and Bridal party at Dressing location
  • Steam gowns or Bridal veil as needed
  • Assist the Bride in getting dressed in her gown
  • Assist Bridal Party with alterations, adjustments, and finishing touches on their gowns
  • Ensure florist delivers flowers and all members have bouquets for photos


“Favor-It” Package

  • Initial consultation to discuss Wedding Favors
  • Offer suggestions on Wedding Favors matching your budget, theme, and vision
  • Shop around for best price on decided Favors and get information to you ASAP
  • Assemble reception Favors  (such as:  stuffing bags, sticking labels on, tying ribbon, making labels, etc)
  • Bring Favors to reception site and set them up
  • Ensure all guests at your reception have received a Favor


“Post Party” Package

  • If it’s a Brunch the next morning or picnic the following afternoon I’m here to assist with the planning of your continued Wedding celebration!
  • Suggest locations for such an event
  • Coordinate food and beverage logistics
  • Set up any décor or floral items
  • Welcome and greet your guests
  • Help with any issues that may arise
  • Ensure proper clean-up


“Showers of Happiness” Package

  • Make contact with Bridal Party/Mother of Bride (via email) to initiate ideas for Bridal Shower
  • Discuss budget, location, theme, date
  • Gather ideas on theme decorating and forward them to Bridal party/Mother of Bride
  • Attend location walk-though appointments and help select one
  • Give suggestions on Invitations, Favors, Centerpieces and  Games
  • Address Bridal Shower invitations and then give them to Bridal Party/MOB to mail out
  • Assemble reception Favors  (such as:  stuffing bags, sticking labels on, tying ribbon, making labels, etc)
  • Bring Favors to Shower and set them up
  • Decorate Shower location
  • Ensure cake arrives, flowers arrive, and cater is operating on time
  • Greet your Shower Guests and show them where to put gifts
  • Keep an eye on time and initiate to Bridal Party/MOB when it’s a good time to move on from eating to games to gifts, etc.
  • Ensure all gifts make their way to designated vehicles and proper clean-up


Please let me know how I can meet your Day-of needs. While I specialize in weddings, I am available for other events like: Corporate events, Fundraisers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Balls,  Graduation parties, Holiday parties, Quinceañeras, Cotillions, Birthday parties, Wedding Proposal, etc. Please email me to set up an no obligation consultation!

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